The Way Language Molds Thought Essay

The Way Language Molds Thought Essay

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The Way Language Molds Thought
"Language forces us to perceive the world as man presents it to us." (Julia Penelope). Language is a mold in which affects how one thinks and perceives the world. Many will say that no matter what language one speaks everyone has the same brain anatomy thus language does not shape the way that we think and the way we perceive the world. While others believe there is no correlation with language and how it shapes human thoughts, there is evidence that proves otherwise; language does shape the way that we think. After all, it would be odd to think that no matter the language one speaks that everyone 's way of thinking is identical. Lera Boroditsky article, "Lost in Translation" goes over her theory about language and how it shapes the way that we think. She shuts down a lot of critics who do not agree with her theory and gives examples as to why her theory is true and should not be overlooked. Boroditsky in her article, says that different languages offer new perspectives on the world (469-473). "You Say Up, I say Yesterday" by Joan O 'C. Hamilton is also about how language shapes thought, she talks about Boroditsky and her language and thought theory and gives her own examples as to why she thinks it is true. (463-468). Some critics believe that there is no correlation or relationship with different languages and how thoughts are shaped, however, language shapes thoughts in many ways, those being, how people analyze cause and effect situations, how one perceives space, and how things in different languages can be described in various ways.
Language causes there to be a barrier between people who speak different languages, for instance, people who speak different languages analyze events different...

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...rld is surrounded by many people and each of those people use different languages to communicate, maig language the mold that shapes our every thought and action. It is what defines the human race and without it the world would not be filled with unique and creative individuals.The logical answer to Lera Boroditsky’s theory, “does language shape the way we think” would be yes, language does shape the way all humans think no they do not: everyone is shaped through language to have different thoughts. Various reasons would lead to the conclusion that Lera Boroditsky theory about thought and language is true, those reasons would include, the way people who speak different languages come to different conclusions about how something happened, how words in different languages are described, and how people who speak different languages describe space.

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