Essay on Water Quality Of Water Treatment

Essay on Water Quality Of Water Treatment

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Living in a world that is roughly 70% water, and all living creatures found on this planet depend on this resource whether directly or indirectly, making water quality an important topic and vital to sustain our world of cycles. “Determination of status of water quality of a river or any other water sources is highly indeterminate. It is necessary to have a competent model to predict the status of water quality and to advice for type of water treatment for meeting different demands.” (Bai V, 2009) With most of our water on this planet made of salt water and our constant damage towards the remaining water that can be consumed by humans is diminishing with improper distribution on a global scale. If our greed comes before companionship, and our quality of life is more important than pollution, then our future generations to come will be born into a world of chaos, and a scarce of a basic human necessity.
Threw our daily lives whether conscious of it or not, we have a positive and negative relationship with our environment and the objective of the research is to determine how common household contaminants impact our water and soil. Another experiment I did was see the effects of filtration threw these contaminants alongside their effect on soil. Also I wanted to determine the contaminants already present in three water samples, tap water, Dasani bottled water, and Fiji bottled water. People buy bottled water for the mental security of being less contaminated then tap water so this would prove to be a relevant experiment for everyday people. “The dangers of consuming contaminated water are high. Many deadly diseases, poisons and toxins can reside in the contaminated water supplies and severely affect the health of those who drink the...

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... with water. Vinegar is used to represent acidic compounds in water. After the process of mixing all contaminants into the water, it is filtered and the resulted data is taken to see the relationship of how well filtering does against pollutants on a scale of which everyday people could understand the dangers and effects. The third experiment consists of three different water samples and the chemical contamination found in each sample. Tap water, Fiji, and Dasani water were all used as samples in this experiment, testing their levels of ammonia, chloride, pH, total chlorine, total alkalinity, total hardness, phosphate, and total iron. Using strips specialized in finding the specific chemical contaminations, they are submerged into the water samples in specified periods of time (seconds), and will give color-code readings to clarify each contaminants estimate amount.

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