Essay on Wasting Products Such as Water and Food

Essay on Wasting Products Such as Water and Food

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During my three years as a CNA at Good Samaritan Nursing home. I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of wasted products. I admit that I’m angry and deeply concerned about the waste of water and food at my nursing home. I’ve observed and conclude that wasting products are not only the fault of patients, but also of the members of the staff. After I underline the importance of water and food in our daily life and explain the ways they are wasted I’ll suggest some challenging yet feasible solutions to break the cycle of unnecessary waste.
According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory, food and water are basic physiological needs for the body. They are the first needs to establish priorities, which include safety, security, love, self-esteemed and self-actualization. Studies prove that a human deprived of food and water for seventy-two hours has severe dehydration and is unquestionably dying. People of all ages need water and food to stay healthy. As we get older, it becomes somewhat difficult to digest food and water properly, especially for older at nursing homes. Although the foods at Good Samaritan Nursing Home are always delicious and presentable, and the dining room animated, elders don’t eat as much because of the regression of their body systems. Because of this, there is an abundance of foods left in the dining room that goes to waste and to the trash.
Water is also very important to the body. Many people around the world are struggling to find water to drink, and use for basic needs; meanwhile residents and certain members of staff take water for granted and use it inappropriately. I became aware of the improper use of water, initially, when my supervisor assigned me in March 2011 to give a bath to one resident. For on...

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... before, this advice will prevent the spread of infection. Another way that I think wasted water should be reduced is water should always be turned off between rinses, brushing teeth and while doing the dishes. We have to conserve water in America. It can save a lot of money and help our economy.
Overall, Good Samaritan Nursing Home wastes a lot of food and water. I believe those relevant tips and hints can help. I strongly suggest hiring a Dietician-Nutritionist for better understanding about the nutrition problems with very old people that we are calling to serve together. Food and water are basic needs that do not deserved to waste. I hope this will be helpful and the administrator of the facility will working on my recommendations. I am sure with rationalized organization, and self-control the fight against wasting food and water at Good Samaritan can be won.

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