Essay on The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells

Essay on The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells

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H.G. Wells, author of mind blowing novel The War of The Worlds, used foreshadowing and both external and internal conflicts to show the theme those humans should not assume that they are the superior race. Wells was the author of more than 100 books, almost half of them nonfiction, published over a span of 52 years.
In Bromley, Herbert George Wells was born. Wells started Morley’s school in Bromley when he was seven, when he was 14 he became apprenticed to a draper. In 1883, Wells rebelled against their fate. Herbert arrived at up park when he was 14. Some events that propelled Wells in a new direction are in his autobiography called “starts in life”. When Herbert George Wells was young his mother taught him how to read, Mostly using big sheet capital letters. Wells Aunt Mary and sister ran a boardinghouse and Wells went to live with them. Wells stumbled upon a lot of knowledge. Wells childhood was very low class. Wells education began when he attended the commercial academy for young gentlemen. Wells moved to Wookey, Somerset in 1880 to help a relative when he was 14 (Abrams 13+; Hall 310+; “Herbert George Wells-Biography”; Kunitz 1492; O’neal 1630; “Wells, H. G.” 122).
Wells believed that science and technology would solve problems of the human race. Wells believed that humans used technology for evil reasons rather than good and that humans are too cruel and selfish. A famous scientist named Thomas Huxley tutored him in college about Darwin’s theory of evolution. Wells was a prophet but before that were a literature, journalist, and a biologist. In 1903 Wells wrote seven pamphlets when he joined the Fabian society. Wells spent most of his time on the Rivera. Wells lived in London, in apartments located in Regenth’s Park, wher...

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...rlds. Internal and External conflicts are shown along with foreshadowing; humans believed that they were the superior of all races. Foreshadowing, Symbolism, and Irony were literary elements used to enhance the theme. Over a course of 52 years, Wells wrote more than 100 books. A majority of which were science fiction books.

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