The war of the worlds

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The war of the worlds

This essay will discuss how chapter four ‘the cylinder unscrews’ is

important to the novel as a whole. ‘‘The war of the worlds’’ was

written by Herbert George Wells, the novel was written in response to

several historical events. The most important one was the unification

and militirisation of Germany. ‘The war of the worlds’ was written in

1894 which later in 1983 was aired on radio broadcast by Orson Wells.

The novel is about Martians invading earth because they can no longer

survive on mars. The people try everything to get rid of the Martians

but in the end nature wins against science. H.G. Wells has included a

lot of science fiction in this story which makes this story effective.

In the 1st chapter the narrator describes how Earth may be seen ‘by

greater, more intelligent forces’ same as humans ‘with microscopes

scrutinize the transient.’ This novel is still popular today for the

wait of a big film coming out next year.

The fundamental reason to why ‘the cylinder unscrews’ is important to

the novel as a whole is because it’s the first time we seethe

Martians, but there are also many other reasons to why this chapter is

important to the novel as a whole. as we can see at the beginning of

chapter four we see signs of unease and fear arising ‘the voices were

raised …’ the first real evidence of actual fear is in chapter four as

well, when the narrator passes the young boy as he heads for home ‘I

don’t like it.’ At this point the crowd is also getting more worried

and closer to the danger. Further on in the chapter we come to the

build up of suspense towards the cylinder being unscrewed ‘I had the

sunset in my eyes’ revelation delayed by a description of what people

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...hing of the lungs in a strange


The science fiction part is again where the author describes the

breathing of the Martians the description of the Martians is part of

science fiction but is more of a fantasy and is completely imagined

‘tentacles’. The historical fits in with the chapter because the story

was most appealing to the Victorian reader Wells used his scientific

knowledge to intrigue the reader. The social concept in the story is

symbolic and shows cruse characterisation of the mob.

In conclusion this chapter is important to the novel as a whole

because it is the first time we meet the Martians base on the evidence

in this essay. My views about ‘the war of the worlds’ is that although

the writer used a lot of science fiction in the first tree chapters it

was really effective when it came to the actual description of the


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