The War Of The Vietnam War

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“War is organized violence often on a large scale, involving sovereign states or geographic parts of the same state or distinct ethnic or social groups within a given state (civil war) (Magstadt, Thomas).” The three wars I will be covering are the Just Wars, Total Wars, and Proxy Wars. A common form of warfare, the Just War can be seen in World War Two, the Vietnam War, and the Persian Gulf War. A just war is “a war fought in self-defense or because it is the only way a nation can do what is right (Magstadt, Thomas).” The Vietnam Civil War began in 1959 and ended in 1975. This was a time when the United States helped the French against communist threats. American soldiers also partnered with South Vietnam. The Viet Cong, was also a part of the Soviet Union’s force. South Vietnam lost to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and their government collapsed. During the Persian Gulf War of 1990, Iraq targeted Kuwait. The leader of Iraq was Saddam Hussein, who accused Kuwait of depressing world oil costs. His regime was a military dictatorship consisting of secret police and the use of poisoned gas towards the Iranians, Kurds, and Shiite Muslims. On August 6th, President George Bush sent troops to protect Saudi Arabia. “Bush also organized an international coalition against Iraq. He convinced Turkey and Syria to close Iraqi oil pipelines, won Soviet support for an arms embargo, and established a multi-national army to protect Saudi Arabia (Digital History).” The invasion of Iraq gave Saddam Hussein control over the oil. Later on in the same year, George Bush sent over more troops to Kuwait to rid the area of the Iraqis. Even though Iraq had missiles, tanks, and long-range artilleries, the United States used bombing techniques to destr... ... middle of paper ... ...itions are the reason why this coalition of the leftists and communists chose to go against the military regime. During the 1980’s, the FMLN (Farabundu Marti National Liberation Front) was created. At the time, Ronald Regan was our U.S. president and because of the American Anti-Communist Party, our country chose to support El Salvador’s government. The country’s government was against the coalition between the Leftists and Communists. El Salvador’s government used forces of coercion, such as death squads, to target the coalition. This civil war also had its fair share of deaths including four American church workers who were raped, killed, or abducted, and Archbishop Oscar Romeo’s assassination. At the end of the war, it is said that 75,000 people died during this war. We see during this time period that the civilians resigned from the national government.

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