Essay about Walmart : A Great Success Sam

Essay about Walmart : A Great Success Sam

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This is a good question. Walmart started as a small five and dime in the city of Bentonville, Arkansas by a man named Sam Walton. After a great success Sam and his wife Helen moved to Rogers, Arkansas where he opened his very first Walmart. He had some retailing experience after his time in the war and he chose Bentonville for the hunting season and because his wife wanted to live in a small town. His ideas of not pocketing extra cash from manufacturers, but rather giving deals to customers and trying to make profit off of how much he sold, changed the way retailers make money in America. Sam had a cheap mindset, not only for his customers, but for himself. Even when he became the richest man in America he continued to get his hair done for 5 dollars, rather than an expensive one. Although, this cheap mindset was not always a good thing, Mr. Walton would try to hire as few employees as possible to cut down on expenses, meaning employees had to work more, and Sam hated having to pay more than the minimum requirement. Treating employees like is bound to bring about unions. Sam hated unions and did his best to fight them, most of them fought successfully. Walton had a certain charm about him which helped keep employees happy. He called his employees “associates”, making them seem close. Other employees felt satisfied knowing Walton allowed many people to afford things they wouldn 't be able to without Walmart. Walton had a pilot 's license and would make surprise visits from store to store, another way of keeping employees feeling close and in the loop. Walton also had an idea that if employees were to stick around and put some of their paycheck into purchasing subsidised stocks, they could make a lot of money. But of course Walmart...

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... shelves would devastate the manufacture as a business, so manufacturers would be willing to put incredibly low prices just to be sold at Walmart. These terrible and yet brilliant Walmart techniques have made what we call the race to the bottom, and idea that you should lose marls and it 'll help you get money. Is Walmart good for America, I would say no. It 's Lower prices tend to be needed because it puts people out of work and destroys local economy. If Walmart wasn 't around, it might be easier for people to afford higher prices. Although I greatly admire Walmarts techniques, it devastates nearby businesses and the cities it comes to. It 's terrible for employees, women, and generally People who would like to bring it on this planet, I would probably never work at a Walmart or even ever want to shop there. I think America would be just fine without that blue wall.

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