Walking, An Act Of Meditation Essay

Walking, An Act Of Meditation Essay

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Walking, an act of meditation. Three deep breaths, clear the mind, be one with the body. As I stand here thinking about which direction to take I notice the shoes on my feet feel soft against the soles that hold my weight. My head is throbbing from the stress of everything I still need to do for the week, but I push those thoughts aside. A growling starts in my stomach, it’s Tuesday on campus and the scent of taco meat is heavy in the air. I take the first step feeling a much-needed pop in an aching ankle and the tension slowly fades. Turning left out of the building, I make my way down a hill.
Right, left, right, left, one foot in front of another. The soggy ground gives way to my steps as I come up over a hill hiding a small body of water. Standing in the trees as the breeze blows by, the stress is slowly fading. A few moments pass and I begin making my way back. Suddenly, I find myself thinking about how much I hate wearing shoes and walking barefoot in the summer. Snap! I trip over a fallen limb of a nearby tree and I’m brought back to the present. With a now nagging foot, I make my way back up the hill, hugging the tree line as I go.
My heart rate returns to normal from my near accident and I happen upon fork in my path. Right, continue up the hill to a paved path. Left, downhill to a place I have never seen before. My ankle reminds me of the pain shooting up my shin and I turn right, deciding the ruggedness of a downhill walk is not a good idea. Emerging from the building’s shade, the sun warms my face and hands as I trek across the empty quad.
Silence, the key to meditation. I stroll across the pavement in silence, no students, no birds, just wind. Entering the open spot of grass on the outskirts of campus I decide to...

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...to shower down from a giant, old tree I don’t know the name of and it’s beautiful. Rebirth will start in a few months after the winter and I shiver because I hate the cold. I stand and make my way back up the hill for my next class. I leave behind the anxiety of the semester as the experiences of the now take over.
The fear of the unknown slowly makes its way back as I enter the doors of a renovated building. To-do lists start to jumble together and my phone notifies of too many unread emails received in the last hour. A longing for the relaxation I felt moments ago starts to find its way into the center of my mind. Walking, an act of meditation. Three deep breaths, clear the mind, be one with the body. I remember these steps as I push through the doorway of room 205 and choke down the stress I already feel building and think to myself what am I doing with my life.

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