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“Wake up NGO is an international non profit organisation that advocates and works for the introduction of major reforms in the public healthcare sectors. This organisation aims to ring an alarm for the policy makers so that they may “wake up!” to bring new reforms to the needed sectors of the society.”
The global war on drugs has failed. The world wide supply of illicit drugs such as heroin has increased by more than 380 percent in recent decades(UNODC).Despite of the multiple times increase in anti-drug budgets, the global scale of drug market has grown dramatically. The consumption of opiates (drug) has reported to be increased to 17.35million in 2008 as compared to 12.9million in 1998(UNODC).Not only opiates, cannabis consumption has also jumped to 160million in 2008 as compared to 147.4million in 1998(UNODC). Arresting of few of the millions of drug users in recent decades has destroyed many lives without reducing the power of criminal organisations. The 50 year old global drug control system has completely collapsed, hence spoiling each and every sector of the economy. The need for the introduction of new reforms can be felt through this statement:-
“The global war on drugs has failed with devastating consequences for individuals and societies around the world, fifty years after the initiation of the UN single convention on narcotic drugs. Fundamental reforms in national and global drug control policies are urgently needed”
- The global commission on drug policy
Aiming to achieve a “drug free world”, I propose a new “the super “R” policy” that consists of three feasible reforms fuelled by the ideology to provide a backbone to ...

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