Virtual Learning Environment in Education Essay

Virtual Learning Environment in Education Essay

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Title: Virtual Learning Environment in Education
Motivation behind the study.
Education is the one of important thing where people will gain their knowledge. Education consist of many level of ages that and the delivery method in education is varies. One of the ways that educations are transfer through Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). VLE is a system generated computer that display in 3Dimension (3D). Virtual reality (VR), the three-dimensional multisensory, immersive, and interactive digital environment, has triggered public imagination as the technology that will dominate the way our work, education, and leisure are delivered in the future. (Roussou, M., 2004). VLE can be one of the ways to improve teaching and learning problem. In the tradition way, teacher always lead the students to find the information about the outline courses. This causes some students have a less responsibilities to gain the knowledge by themselves. By having the VLE nowadays, students can access by their own on what they need to learn and this will improve on more responsibilities which they will find the information about the courses outline without leading by the teacher. At the level of secondary school, students started having a high level of curiosity in exploring their surroundings. Thus, by exposing the students to VLE may initiate their interest in the study. VLE consist of 3D environment which they can interact with the system while they were in learning process. In VLE, students will with the problem solving question and solve it according their level of understanding. Virtual learning environment (VLE), not only provides rich teaching patterns and teaching contents, but also helps to improve learners’ ability of analyzing problems and explo...

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...aching and learning in a digital world: A developmental evaluation of virtual learning environments in the Upper Grand and York Region District School Boards.
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