Violent Video Games : Effect Of Narrative Context And Reward Structure On Game And Postgame Aggression

Violent Video Games : Effect Of Narrative Context And Reward Structure On Game And Postgame Aggression

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Children today are exposed to more graphic violence in video games compared to any past generations. This is because the media finds that making a profit, surpasses the lives of the adolescents that play these games. However, over time two set of views formed from the violence in video games. James D. Sauer, is a graduate of the School of Phycology. In his article, “Violent Video Games: The Effects of Narrative Context and Reward Structure On In-Game and Postgame Aggression,” Sauer, describes that adolescents gain forms of aggression and violence after playing certain games. Not every video game causes post game aggression, but documented in his article, “Players who enacted in-game violence through a heroic character exhibited less postgame aggression than players who enacted comparable levels of in-game violence through an antiheroic character” (Sauer 205). Conversely, as every debated interest in the media, a more positive side of violent gaming emerges. As a graduate of Radboud University, Isabela Granic brings to light the reasons why the youth actually benefits from playing violent video games. For example, in her article, “The Benefits of Playing Video Games,” Granic illustrates the fact that children gain social skills, highly more efficient motor skills, and the understanding of the humans as a whole. Noted by the author, “Whereas adolescents and adults often use self-disclosure and direct discussion with close friends to resolve emotional issues, children use play to work them out through pretend-based narratives enacted either alone or with others” (Granic 67). What the author means is that children use a different form of actions to get across their feelings. While both Sauer’s cause and effect approach of adolescent g...

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...en. In spite of this, parents will not watch for what partakes in the game. Resulting in any negative actions that will take place will end up playing over and over again in the minds of the children.
In response to Sauer’s article, graduate with the degree of PhD in the field of developmental psychology, Isabela Granic notes that children will learn from the negative aspects of video games and transfer them into a more knowledgeable and educational source. While agreeing that the violence in video games is truly overwhelming to children, these video games can be used to learn how children can grow to make sure these things will not continue in the real world. Noted in her article, “Players who play violent games that encourage cooperative play are more likely to exhibit helpful gaming behaviors online and offline than those who play nonviolent games” (Granic 73).

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