Vincent Van Gogh And The Jewish Education Essay

Vincent Van Gogh And The Jewish Education Essay

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Vincent Willem Van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853 in Zundert, Netherlands and died on July 29, 1896 in Auvers-sur-Oise France. Van Gogh had two younger brothers, Theo Van Gogh and Cornelis Vincent Van Gogh. He also had three younger sisters Wil Van Gogh, Elisabeth Huberta Du Quesne-van Gogh and Anna Cornelia van Gogh. Van Gogh had one other brother also named Vincent Van Gogh, that would have been the oldest but died a little after birth. He was raised both his mother (Anna Carbentus van Gogh) and father (Theodorus van Gogh.)
Van Gogh had a religious education at a young age from 1861 to 1864. After the school for academics and parsonage, He went to Zevenbergen to attend a boarding school from 1864 to 1866. There he studied English, French, and German. Through his high school years, Van Gogh did not show that he was interested in art. At age sixteen, on July 30, 1896, he started working as a clerk in Hague Gallery, at an art firm of Goupil and Company. No one has no documentation on Van Gogh after he started working in Paris at Hague Gallery, until August 1, 1872, when he was nineteen. On that date is when Van Gogh 's younger brother “Theodorus van Gogh” reached out to him and relocated Van Gogh several times. In 1875 after relocating back to Paris, he then wanted to follow his dad 's footsteps. So he became devoted to the evangelization of the poor like his dad. He later became fascinated in depicting peasant life. His brother Theo and him later wanted to leave behind something important for mankind. So without any training Van Gogh became an artist and even doubted his artistic talent. But, with his brother Theo behind him and pushing him forward, Van Gogh would later create a master of art.
In 1881 Van Gogh started seein...

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...s new to generation of people of that era. In the painting there is also two radiant figurines companions in the foreground of the painting on the bottom left hand side. Van Gogh had sketches before actually painting Starry Night Over the Rhone. He sent the sketches of the painting to his friend Eugene Boch.
Van Gogh moved a substantial amount of times through his life. He was raised in a religious family. He did not decide until later in his life that he wanted to become a painter. He became a painter to leave behind something of importance to mankind. Even though Van Gogh is one of the most famous painters of his time, he did not become famous until years after his death. Van Gogh was depressed through his life and he was also diagnosed with various types of epilepsy, psychotic attacks, and delusions. Art helped Van Gogh to stay emotionally balanced (Editors 58).

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