The Vietnam War Changed The Life Of Americans Essay

The Vietnam War Changed The Life Of Americans Essay

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The Vietnam War changed the life of Americans because it turned them against each other. Many people were against the Vietnam War because they thought United state should not be involved. Also, they were blaming the soldiers without having the knowledge that the soldiers were only following the orders that were given by the government. Therefore, the soldiers suffered when they came back due to the poor treatment from the protesters.
The worst thing about the Vietnam War was soldiers losing their humanity. The majority of soldiers in Vietnam were between 18 and 21 years old, and starting to kill at a young age could make them unsympathetic. In the Things They Carried, O’Brien talked about how one of his companion Azar, was making fun of this vietnamese girl whose house has burned down and her family were killed. “Azar mocked the girl’s dancing. he did funny jumps and spins. He put the palms of his hand against his ears and did an eritic thing with his hips” ( O’Brien 130). This proves that Azar had no sympathy because if he had worn the same shoes as the little girl then he would not mocked her or make fun of her. My Lai massacre was a mass murder conducted by “an American contingent of about a hundred soldiers, known as Charlie Company”(Hersh), on March 16, 1968, in the village of My Lai. Over 500 innocent Vietnamese were killed that day. According to Hersh, soldiers were looking for the Vietcong and they could not find any. They started burning the houses, killing livestock, destroying food, cloging wells. Some civilians tried to run away, and even women with children in their arms, but they were prevented. The Charlie Company soon began to tackle anything that moved, human and animal, with grenades and machine...

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...Those soldiers were only following doing what they were told to do, and it was deceiving when you are being treated poorly by the people you have been protecting all those years.
The Vietnam War was devastating and everybody was against it because no one knew what they were fighting for. Many people lost their lives for nothing because the people they thought they were protecting were their greatest enemy when the one who survived came back. I do not blame the citizens for their actions because some of those vets killed innocent people in Vietnam but not all of them killed innocent people. However, those vets were only following orders from their superior who happens to be the government, and no one wanted to disobey their superior because they could have faced serious criminal charges. The people should have blamed the government instead of blaming the veterans.

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