Video Games, Violence and Parenting Essay

Video Games, Violence and Parenting Essay

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The ignorance of people who argue against this shows their one-minded views on this topic. This leads to three obvious conclusions.

One: Parents refuse to take responsibility to teach their children right from wrong. If a parent teaches them what is and what isn’t okay, then the majority of those kids are not going to grow up and think that it’s cool and awesome to run around imitating things they see on the T.v. or in video games.
Parents who refuse to take this responsibility should also refuse to buy the games in the first place – Most if not all violent games get at least a ‘’Ages 15+’’ rating on them.
Two: children growing up in a violent environment, being beaten or spoken harshly to.
Three: Almost every game these days has violence in it, being hardcore gore or just hitting a bad guy in a child’s game.

When children grow up where they get what they want when they want, it’s hard for parents to take responsibility because the child might cry or whinge for days on end trying to get their way. Parents have to stand up to children and teach them they can’t get ...

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