Essay about Vegetarianism Is America 's Future

Essay about Vegetarianism Is America 's Future

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Americans today tend to believe that vegetarianism is America’s future,due to how it is constantly viewed in the media as glamorous and trendy. Conventional wisdom has it that one must consume meat or poultry to meet the United States Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate program nutritional standard needs in a well balanced diet. The United States most common meal is presumed to be fast food which most commonly includes a lot of meat. Some meat consumers may not consider the fact that cattle is raised solely for the purpose of it being consumed thus resulting in harm for the environment. This pollution can lead to serious health problems such as asthma, heart disease, and type two diabetes. The standard way of thinking about vegetarianism has it that this diet plan is not a convenient when pursuing to meet protein needs for an individual to be in good health. While some nutritionists believe that a vegetarian diet is incompetent at meeting standardized nutritional needs due to the lack of meat consumption that is needed for a well balanced diet plan. Although, it is arguable that, it is arguable that although the convenient way to meet standard protein needs is considered to be the consumption meat or poultry, protein needs can be met while on a vegetarian diet plan. In the ProCon article “Should People Become Vegetarian?”, ProCon makes use of statistical evidence to make the argument whether or not vegetarianism is beneficial to Americans.
Meat consumers refuse the claim that a vegetarian diet promotes a healthy weight, which solves the problem of obesity in the country of the United States. Although meat consumers do not say so directly, they apparently assume that a vegetarian diet is not a healthy alternative compared to a...

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...e a regular well balanced diet plan. Although vegetarianism may seem of concern to only a small group of American citizens, it should in fact concern anyone who cares about their lifestyle choices that can improve their overall health. Vegetarianism is the future of humanity, humans have evolved and can now be able to survive on a vegetarian diet. Not to long ago a landlord in Washington found this out, he told his current and prospective tenants that they could have a 200 dollar discount in rent if they vowed to go vegan or vegetarian. One of my closest friends turned to vegetarianism because of the cruelty in the meat industry, now he consumes other forms of protein like protein enriched legumes and soy meat. These conclusions will have significant applications in the environmental balance of the United States as well as in the health benefits of American citizens.

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