Vegetarianism And Why People Should Consider Going Vegetarian Essay

Vegetarianism And Why People Should Consider Going Vegetarian Essay

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“I dare you not to eat meat for a week.”
It started off as a dare, but it ended up as a lifestyle choice. Being a vegetarian for 3 years has been the best decision of my life due to all the health benefits that I have gained personally. It seemed that all it took was one week of not eating meat simply caused by a dare. Thus, this is why I chose to discuss the benefits of vegetarianism and why people should consider going vegetarian. In the “Vegetarianism in America” study, it states that “there are 7.3 million people that follow a vegetarian-based diet. Approximately 1 million of those are vegans, those who consume no animal products at all (Vegetarian Times)”. It has been shown, in numerous studies, that vegetarianism have several benefits, like cancer prevention,weight loss, decrease in global warming and so on. However considering all of the benefits, I question, why there are not more vegetarians in the United States?
Growing up my family cooked meat, especially pork, in everything I ate. While meat was something my family could not restrain from, diabetes was also an another common thing that my family could not get away from. Thus, this was another reason why I decided to choose this topic. Health is a very important aspect of my life ,because diabetes, obesity, and other health issues are extremely common in my family and in the United States as a whole. Furthermore, it seems that many of these diabetes cases come from food, mostly processed meats that we consume. In one study, it showed that happy animals produce better meat, because animals that are stressed release toxins which shows when they are cut and processed. In addition, hormone filled and stressed animals, which is a result from cruelty, does result in changes...

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...t not in the United States. Farming has become industrialized for the cheapness and for the growing population. Organic, grass fed, free range animals are expensive to come by and many cannot afford it. Even labels help protect industrial farming of animals because they are able to find loopholes and can call almost anything organic. The health benefits that I have also personally experienced have reinforced my decision to keep up with my dare from my friends. I feel that I am no longer at risk for diabetes like many of my family members are. More people should look into stopping the cruelty towards animals and look at the benefits of not eating meat. Our society would eventually become much healthier and the main causes of death in the United States would change from coronary heart disease and cancer to, hopefully, a disease that is caused by old age, not by diet.

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