Variations to Resting Heart Rate Based on Age Essay

Variations to Resting Heart Rate Based on Age Essay

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Have you ever checked your pulse before? You can check your pulse on you wrist or on your neck. Your heart is like a mega pump because it is shaped like an upside down pear, and is one of the most important organs in your body. When a person rests, the heart rate slows down, but when they are exercising the heart rate increases. For my hypothesis, I predicted that aged people would have a lower resting heart rate than the youthful people would.
The heart is an interesting and important organ. It may seem weird, but the heart is not red. It is almost the color of a colonial brick house. Like all other pumps, your heart can become clogged too. The heart is actually a strong muscle in your body. Your heart pumps oxygen-rich blood to every organ in your body. Your heart rate differs by age. A younger person’s heart can beat faster than an older person’s heart. Your heart can beat at different rates depending on what you are doing. The heart cannot rest until a person dies.
A heart can become diseased and damaged. Some heart diseases can cause sudden death because the disease is so strong, it breaks the heart down. Sometimes when a woman has a heart attack, she does not even know it. A bigger heart is not a better heart, because a bigger heart can cause more problem because more diseases can attract to it. Emotions or stress can break your heart because stress can cause certain hormones that can paralyze some of your heart. A common cold can also damage your heart because blocked arteries and leaky heart valves can damage your heart. If your heart is stressed out you cannot sleep as well.
There are some things that can help your heart to be healthy. Some foods like oatmeal, salmon, avocado, olive oil, nuts, berries, legumes, s...

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...important thing. For my hypothesis, I was right because as you get older, your heart rate changes. That means that as you get older, you still have to take care of your heart. I have learned that the heart is the most important organ in your body, so that means as you get older, take of your heart correctly.

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