Essay on The Variation Of Microbial Growth

Essay on The Variation Of Microbial Growth

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The thought behind this series of experiments was to test a meat with many different forms that one encounters on a regular basis. The idea for turkey was chosen because it takes so many different forms it would be interesting to see the variation in microbial growth in the different conditions. Both experiments showed that although many think that raw meat would contain the most microbes, it’s actually deli meat that had more microbes than any other sample studied. The results that non-natural yielded more microbes than the organic turkey samples wasn’t as surprising, although some think that because organic meats are dipped in so many different concentrations to inhibit the growth of microbes there would be more microbial growth on the organic samples. It also became known that there is a wide array of microbes found on different samples of turkey in different conditions, although each one seemed to make sense that it would be associated with meat.

It was surprising that the deli meat had more microbes than the raw meats. We as a society know that eating raw meat poses serious health risks so for it’s microbial count to be lower than deli meat that we eat right out of the bag was extremely shocking and in a sense disturbing. Our predictions were far off with the first experiment as explained that we thought the raw meat would have the most growth. However, our predictions on the second experiment were spot on. We were correct that the sliced non-natural deli turkey was going to yield more microbes than the prepackaged meat or the organic deli turkey. This hypothesis was made because the deli turkey is going to come into contact with a meat slicer that may or may not have been cleaned in between cuttings which raises th...

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...ent samples. Validity for the microbe count for the deli turkey in the first experiment can also be questioned. Due to three of four dilutions being deemed too many to count, only one number from dilution 4 could be counted and worked with, so the percentage of error can be significantly higher for the deli turkey sample.

A future experiment comparing different meats with turkey under different conditions would be interesting to observe. Meats such as ham, chicken roast beef along with turkey and comparing their microbial count might be an informal experiment as to which form of meat would contain the highest microbial count. The diversity of the different types of microbes and the comparison between the different meats would provide interesting information regarding the health benefits of the different types of meat that many of us consume on a daily basis.

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