The Value Of Touch Screen Laptops Essay

The Value Of Touch Screen Laptops Essay

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Touch screen laptops are of a utilitarian value in general. Most of the products sold in this category are used for either work or school. There are 7 product attributes that have been associated with this product category.
1. Battery Life: This is a utilitarian attribute that effects how long one can use the laptop before needing to recharge it. Therefore, with a longer battery life, one can get more work accomplished without seeking a place to charge their laptop.
2. Central Processing Unit (CPU) Processing Power: This is a utilitarian attribute that effects the laptops ability to multitask and execute applications (Ex. Having multiple tabs open in Windows). The better the CPU, the better the laptop will perform under heavy multitasking.
3. Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Capacity: This is another utilitarian attribute that effects how much data that can be stored on a laptop. With a larger HDD, one is able to store a larger number of files and install more programs onto their laptop.
4. Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Processing Power: This attribute adds a hedonic value to the laptop. This part of the PC is responsible for running graphic intensive programs such as movies and video games. Unless the laptop is used for video editing or programing, then it only provides a hedonic value.
5. Weight: This attribute effects how much the laptop weights. The lighter the computer is, the better. I classify this as a utilitarian attribute, since the lighter it is the longer one is able to use the touchscreen laptop as a tablet.
6. Screen Resolution: This part of the laptop allows for a crisper and cleane...

... middle of paper ... effecting the performance of the laptop.
The difference in values between Brand A (Dell) and my ideal brand is 0.78 points. This point difference shows that they are quite dissimilar. My first choice of brand being Dell is the right choice. Very rarely will a mass-produced and affordable laptop brand reach the same score as my ideal brand. Most laptops that meet my ideal brand criteria would cost in excess of $2,500. I would probably purchase my first choice again as it has the highest overall utilitarian score. However, since Dell’s overall value score is so close to that of HP’s product. If in my experience in using the Dell laptop was hindered by any notable issues, than I would consider looking into the HP brand of touch screen laptops instead.
Attitude Ideal = (6 x .148) + (5 x .185) + (4 x .111) + (2 x .074) + (6 x .222) + (3 x .111) + (6 x .148) = 5.032

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