The Value Of The Electoral College Essay

The Value Of The Electoral College Essay

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“The Value of The Electoral College”

The Electoral College was a compromise between those at the Constitutional Convention who wanted the US president elected by popular vote and those who wanted congress to select the president. They believed that having it where each state would get a certain number of votes based on population would keep a manipulative and charming person out of office. They thought it would prevent bribery and corruption along with secret dealings. I don’t think that this is the case and it one of the reason I feel that the Electoral College should be abolished.
I think we should remove the Electoral College. This would allow for each vote to be equal rather than making each state have equal say. Most people do not take the time to understand how the Electoral College works, to them it seems more complicated than it is. This complication dissuades people from voting. The people feel that their vote will not matter because of all the steps involved. Is seems that more people feel that their vote will not count because of the way the Electoral College is set up. Because of this most people do not take the time to research the issue and make an informed vote based on the issues, or even take the time to vote. It is the mentality of why should I vote if my vote will not matter.
If we could remove the Electoral College the focus would be on the issues and the candidate. This would give the people the feeling that their vote matters. If that was the case I feel more people would turn out and vote. As it stands now a candidate can lose the popular vote (the voice of the voters) and still win the election. That does not seem fair to the people that take their time to vote, after they vote and elect...

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...ote. There will be less of the attitude my vote doesn’t could why should I vote. This would be a way to get more people involved and to further advance the country. If we have people involved in electing the president then we have people that are involved in our country and would fight to keep it going. I feel that we should focus on getting more people involved in the country and one way to do that is to get rid of the Electoral College and continue with the popular vote.
There are some advantages of the Electoral College such as, it preserves the voices of the states with the lowest population. It also favors a two-party system and dissuades third-parties which creates more stability. Even with all these pros I think without an overhaul that we should eliminate the Electoral College. This would simplify this process and more people would get out and vote.

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