Essay on The Value Of A New Product

Essay on The Value Of A New Product

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The Meal Creator App
The value of a new product should be its main purpose not necessarily how much money it rakes in. If the person’s needs are met, it is a good day. In order to market a new product there are several things that must be done to get it out there to the public so that they can benefit from it. The Meal Creator App is the new mobile app software that will be discussed in this paper. There are many nutrition and diet apps out there but as explained a little later, there is no other app like it on the market.
The strategic planning process involves a situation analysis, creating a mission statement and an objective, the value proposition, and various strategies to get it off the ground (Tanner, Jr & Raymond, 2012, pg. 25). The situation analysis process is retrieving intel on the external environment and the internal environment and within those realms they analyze their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). Tracking the different apps that are out there that provide similar meal creations to The Meal Creator App is an example of getting information from the external environment. Knowing who, what, how, and the why of the competition is critical in the formulation of any product. The internal environment is finding out the capabilities of the product creator to see if they have the necessary means to go forward with the project.
Knowing what the mission is for the product is essential. Is it strictly for money purposes or is it to truly help other people have a better life? The Meal Creator App is being created to help create “time” in a sense. It also takes the thinking out of the equation when it comes to meal planning. Having an objective is knowing, within a specific time frame, what the end...

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... main concern for most people. Encrypting the software would be a must so that no one else would be able to retrieve private information from the user. The user does not need to see ads while using the app so there would not be any. Spamming would not be an option because there would be no email requirements upon getting the app. The payment for the full app would strictly be with PayPal and they have encryption with strong ethical and legal principles. No one would be able to find out what that person put as an app requirement. It would solely be for that person. The only thing that would be transferred over the internet are the various recipes based upon the user’s requirements.
The Meal Creator App is the next big thing in recipe apps. Anyone can use it and it is based upon personalized settings used in a safe and fun environment. Let’s see what meal is for dinner!

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