Vaccines Are A Safe And Effective Essay

Vaccines Are A Safe And Effective Essay

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Vaccines work. They have kept infants healthy and have saved millions of lives for more than 50 years. Most childhood vaccines are 90% to 99% effective in preventing disease so why would you keep such an advantage away from your child? “ Vaccines are made with a tiny amount of dead or weakened germs. They help the immune system learn how to protect itself against disease. Vaccines are a safe and effective way to keep your child from getting very sick from the real disease.” ( the word vaccination comes to mind the first thing that should come to our minds is life saving, helpful, and beneficial. Unfortunately not all people would think positively when it comes to vaccinations, they think of the worst that could happen. I understand they want to know the cons to getting the vaccine for their infant, but information can show you that pros outweigh the cons. Vaccinations can not only protect an infant but it goes as far as saving their lives. Society has a strong influence on people 's decisions. In this case society and parental beliefs get in the way of infants well beings.
A time where vaccines were beneficial was when small poxs found its way around the human population. It was only till the end of the 18th century where an effective vaccination created by Edward Jenner was made for this specific disease. His vaccine was composed with another disease called cowpox, which would be injected into a person and later that person would suffer from cowpox which is a milder disease rather than smallpox. Around 200 to 300 millions of people died in the 20th century because of smallpox, but as of now smallpox has been eliminated throughout the world. In 1974, Japan had a whooping cough outbreak but thanks to t...

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...g information by other parents that don’t believe that infants should get vaccinated. I believe that every single parent should to a pediatrician/ or family doctor and ask them all the questions the have on vaccinations because at least they will get the right answers.
In conclusion, vaccination are an essential requirement to an infant or any human being because one dose can go as far as saving our lives. It’s important that parents get the right information so that they make the wise choice of giving their child the vaccination with knowing all the side effects that comes with it. Our society needs to look at vaccinations as a huge advantage because comparing from other countries lots of children die everyday because they aren’t able to get their hands on vaccinations in their country. We Canadians need to encourage the positive idea of vaccinations in infants.

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