Vaccines And Autism : The Anti Vaccinationists Group And A Medical Researcher

Vaccines And Autism : The Anti Vaccinationists Group And A Medical Researcher

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Today people have created an entire realm of science that presents itself to be true; however, under scientific investigation it is proven to be false. This form of science is popularly known as pseudoscience. A well known pseudo-scientific topic is vaccines and autism. The anti-vaccinationists group and a medical researcher by the name of Andrew Wakefield created separate claims that attempted to correlate childhood vaccinations with autism. Their claims produced an epidemic among the parental community for the safety of their children. Because of this widespread fear, there were many precautions taken to guarantee the safety of all children when receiving their vaccinations. It is important to examine the history of vaccinations, the two main claims, and the biological information regarding autism in order to understand why childhood vaccinations have no correlation to autism
Immunizations were first introduced in 1796 by a man named Edward Jenner. Jenner created the first smallpox vaccination that set the tone for future vaccines (Miller). Although he hypothesized that using the cowpox disease would make a child immune to smallpox, he did not have the scientific technology to fully explain why. Over time we have learned, vaccines work to prepare the body by exposing it to a weakened antigen of a virus. After Jenner, two more well known scientists created different polio vaccinations that have been revised and are still used in the United States and other countries today. The first was Dr. Salk and he created a vaccine in 1955, and Dr. Sabin created a vaccine in the 1960s slightly different from the first attempted polio vaccination (Miller). Since then, vaccines have helped lower rates of illnesses. Vaccines enable...

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...rame between the child’s immunization and detection of this disorder. However, it would be expected that most children diagnosed with autism would have received an MMR vaccine around the time of this discovery.
When someone is questioning whether or not they should vaccinate their children, they indeed should. This is because the idea that vaccines cause autism is completely pseudo scientific. Moreover, there is no correlation between childhood vaccinations and autism. After researching, we have concluded autism is not caused by vaccinations. Data responsible for making the claims against vaccinations was compiled from extremely small test groups and contained a significant amount of bias. Although there have been many scientific studies, there has been no scientific evidence to support that vaccinations cause autism, just a person’s mere uneducated opinion.

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