Use of the Internet in Education Essay

Use of the Internet in Education Essay

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The traditional education environment is starting to implement new ways to teach students with the rapid development of technology. One strategy is the use of the internet to communicate, listen, and share ideas among students and professors alike; specifically the use of the internet realm in wikis, blogs, and podcasts. Blogs are either a website in itself or a part of a website where something like an interactive journal is being used; a person can write about anything they wish, link or show images, and decide whether other people can comment on the blog entry. Wikis are websites or webpages dedicated to providing information about a topic and can be edited by either the members of that site. Podcasts are digital files in the form of audio, video, or both that can be downloaded online onto computers, MP3 players, certain phones, and many more devices. Wikis, blogs, and podcasts could positively alter the educational format of lectures for students.
First off, wikis could provide many uses for the educational environment. Not only is it easy to access and doesn't require fancy hardware or programs, it also encourages participation to take place. Wiki pages can be edited by either students or professors with each page relating to a topic or subtopic to the class unit; these pages can either be a collaborative or individual effort depending on the professor's choice. Each page can consist of an image or video gallery to support the text or have links provided for students to learn more information. Also, there could be forums to discuss the information further with fellow peers. David L. Neumann conducted a research project to analyze the effects of using wikis against individual (traditional) lectures. At the end of the researc...

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...nding of a lecture.

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