Essay On Active Learning

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Bolliger and Armier (2013) suggested that using active learning approaches in online courses leads to increased levels of student satisfaction, engagement, connectedness, and learning. Furthermore, Covill (2011) added that using active learning strategies provides opportunities for students to process course content and communicate new knowledge connections with classmates in meaningful ways. Chickering and Gamson (1987) defined active learning as the actions associated with learners engaging in the higher-order thinking activities of analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating. Learning that provides students with the opportunity to talk, listen, read, write, and reflect on course content while participating in problem-solving, informal small…show more content…
In online courses, technology can be used to involve learners and instructors in active learning asynchronously or synchronously. Harris and Park (2008) described how students can record audio or video files and post or share them through course management systems to increase levels of connectedness asynchronously in online learning environments. Therefore, Dale and Pymm (2009) added that through the inclusion of such digital media content, learning experiences can be transformed to be more personal and social. In a 2013 study, 61.9% of students surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that sharing files was an effective way to communicate with classmates (Bolliger and Armier, 2013, p. 206). Synchronously, one of the most common forms of active learning involves collaborative learning. Collaborative learning, a form of teamwork, represents a specific type of LLI in which students work together in teams to complete course assignments while simultaneously developing a deeper understanding of course content and engaging in critical thinking (Palloff & Pratt, 2001). Collaborative projects have been shown to reduce feelings of isolation and increase students’ sense of belonging to a community of learners (Thurmond & Wambach,
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