The Use Of Technology And How It Will Affect The Future Of Society Essay

The Use Of Technology And How It Will Affect The Future Of Society Essay

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Years ago when driving to somewhere new a map had to be used to get there which was more time consuming and taking concentration off the road. Today a GPS is used not only does it get people to where need to be, but it takes the fastest route without traffic, or a route without tolls. Therefore a GPS is more efficient then a person using a map. The article “The Robot Invasion” by Charlie Gills in 2012 was a well written straight forward article about the advancements of technology and how it will affect the future of society. In Gillis informative article he provides information about robots and how they are going to begin taking over the jobs of humans for the soul reason that, robots can do the job faster and better than a human can.
Gillis’ article talks about the advancements made in robots over the past years. Since the advancements are so extravagant robots are being given human traits like; being able to talk, see, bend, pick things up, and run on a schedule. Therefore making the robots able to perform a task better than a human can perform the same task. Since the robots can be made to virtually any criteria they need to be it makes them ideal for almost any factory, farming, fishing, mining, or solider replaceable by a robot. Some jobs today put people lives on the line, robots are going to be used to do the jobs that are, dangerous, dirty, or difficult. By replacing humans with robots it eliminates the risk factor for the human, leaving them available to preform jobs that robots cannot have, like being a teaching or a counselor. Due to the fact that robots are going to be replacing humans, people today should be learning the skills needed for the future, like engineering, mechanics, and robotics ensuring that not as ...

... middle of paper ... more about technology, or areas of study that will still be needed in future years to come.
As time passes more and more people are going to be out of jobs because they are being replaced with robots. If people being to educate themselves about robots and new technology now, they will benefit in not being out of a job in the future. The robots are more desirable for a work place that requires consistency, and productivity. At the rate technology is advancing and how quickly the future is approaching; everyone should read informative article written by Charlie Gillis because it tells society about the changes that are going to be approaching in years to come. This article will prepare the world for change. Anyone that reads this article will benefit because they will be aware of the advancements that are coming and will be prepared for such a change in the world.

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