The Impact Of Automation

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Introduction Machine learning and automation has played a large role in the ever changing labor market with new industries gaining momentum and old industries becoming obsolete. With the increasing amount of research and improvements in automation, feelings of anxiety and disdain towards automation have become normal for workers. Jobs are lost to machines due to the convenience and efficiency that machines offer, however, not all types of jobs are replaced. In a study done by a professor of economics at MIT, David Autor, the impact of automation has actually shown to complement labor by increasing the demand for other jobs that require the use of a computer (Autor). The common anxiety and fear of total job loss is a clear misconception;…show more content…
Automation Anxiety and its effects In the current economy, there is no surprise for anxiety over whether employees will lose their jobs or not. Due to an increase of research and use for automation and machine learning, more and more workers are starting to antagonize new technology. In the research paper ‘Where have all the jobs gone?’ by well-known journalist Daniel Akst, the automation anxiety is not completely false, but it only focuses on one side; “Unemployment has been concentrating among those with little education or skill, while employment has been rising most rapidly in occupations generally considered to be the most skilled and require the most amount of education” (Akst). The rise of automation will mean a depletion of lower skilled jobs, which will cause an increase in education requirements to encourage more people to take up college and further education due to the introduction of more computer based jobs. Automation in the manufacturing business will have a positive effect; products can come out efficiently, quickly, accurately, and with lower costs. The higher amount of products coming out, the more demand and consumers are required. The wages will…show more content…
As stated from the studies above, the rise of automation will also cause a rise and shift in the workforce. The shift will cause lower wage jobs to be replaced by efficient machines, while creating mid to high wage jobs for the rest of the workforce. This will in turn require a higher education for jobs and encourage the society to increase the education system quality. As society advances in the future, more jobs will be available despite current scares and anxieties over a job loss trend in the labor market. The agriculture and manufacturing industries will continue to decline in the future as computer software related jobs will continue to increase due to the improvements of technology in the workplace. Automation and machine learning will cause a growth in the labor market, profiting the economy and improving the
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