Essay on The Use Of Prison As A Corporal Punishment

Essay on The Use Of Prison As A Corporal Punishment

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For the past hundreds of years, the living conditions of our society have changed dramatically. With the help of many activists, U.S. citizens have become liberated and powerful enough to stop and revise unfair and cruel institutions. For example, about a 150 years ago the puritans used flogging as method of punishment. It was a quick and painful punishment that instilled fear among the people. As people became more privileged with the freedom of speech many complaints had been sent to congress that it was inhumane and cruel. Therefore, they had eventually banned flogging and decided to use prison as a corporal punishment. After many years passed, in 1997, Jeff Jacoby decided to explain his thoughts towards prison in his essay “Bring Back Flogging” in a satirical way of the reintroduction of flogging. Jacoby believes that our present corporal punishment is ineffective in many ways and a quick and cheaper alternative should be presented. I believe that Jacboy’s argument is effective because he is trying to revise a system that will benefit U.S. citizens. Jacoby notes a few eye-opening statements that have convinced me otherwise. And that is, many criminals do not receive the incentive to avoid attempting illegal activities after going to jail, it is not regulated strictly which causes more illegal activities within the prison, it is unfair to send people to jail for petty crimes, and overall costs way too much money to maintain.
The purpose of sending people to jail is to teach them a lesson from acting the crime they had committed and for more serious crooks to keep them off the streets so they are unable to harm anyone else. The only problem is, keeping people separated from society does not necessarily give them the incentive...

... middle of paper ...

...eap and quick alternative is a must.
Overall, Jeff Jacoby argues for a topic that is a concern that all of us should take into consideration. Putting criminals behind cages is becoming too abundant and too expensive and finding a reliable solution that can overcome not just the cost but the effectiveness of this punishment as well, is crucial. It is finally time to provide outcomes that will prevent criminals from committing their previous crimes. It is time to find punishments that will not be considered as “criminal studies” to the crooks. It is time to bring fair and quick punishments for those who have committed petty crimes. And it is time find a cheaper alternative so our tax money can be used towards other important resources. These reasons are all stated by Jacoby and therefore is the reason I believe he has made a strong argument that convinces his readers.

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