Essay On The Correctional System

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Throughout this paper, one will obtain a better understanding of the correctional system and how it is an important aspect of the criminal justice system. Therefore, the history of corrections, their mission statement, and sentencing goals will be briefly discussed. In the correctional system, there are different alternatives to imprisonment, such as probation, parole, and intermediate sanctions. I believe that parole makes a significant impact on the criminal justice system because it gives inmates who have already served time and shown good behavior the opportunity to be released early from prison. For example, there are two primary models of parole. First, the parole board grants a prisoner their parole based on their judgement
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However, the United States penal system evolved in such a way that the rehabilitation of offenders became the primary focus instead of punishment as the main objective. Today, the correctional system offers different alternatives to imprisonment. For example, parole is “the conditional release of inmates by a parole board prior to the expiration of their sentence”. (Seiter, p. 149). I believe that parole is a better alternative to imprisonment because the offender is still serving time for the crime they committed, and if the offender becomes eligible for parole he or she could be released from prison early. However, if the offender violates the conditions of their parole then that individual will go before a parole board and may return to prison and finish out their…show more content…
The inmates were kept in cells by themselves and were not allowed to converse with other inmates, which was believed to avoid moral contamination among prisoners. Also, prisoners made handicrafts in their own cells, and were urged to read the Bible and repent in the evenings. After the state of Pennsylvania opened its first two prisons, the ideology of the Pennsylvania system came along. The Pennsylvania system was the “separate and silent” system because they believed if the inmates interacted with each other that it would permanently contaminate them. In 1817, New York opened a prison in Auburn and it was originally designed around the Pennsylvania model. However, the auburn system was known as the “congregate and silent” because they allowed for the inmates to work together during the day, but they had to stay separate and silent from each other at certain
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