Use Of Oral And Group Vs. Individual Reading Essay

Use Of Oral And Group Vs. Individual Reading Essay

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Most of my life has been centered around school. Preparing for school, getting through school, going on to higher education, and what to do after I have finished school has been one of my main focuses for the past eighteen years. Most everything that has shaped me as a reader and writer has been linked to school. From oral and group vs individual reading, to being incentivized and even the most positive influential sponsors have had a direct link to school. However, School as an institution has been one of the worst and most tedious literary sponsors of my life. This juxtaposition it what pushed me to go against the system my entire way through school which is why I did so well in school.
Oral reading has played a pivotal role in my life. My school had expected me to already know basic reading and writing when I started kindergarten. This wasn’t a problem for me because I had my parents and two older sisters to help prepare me for school. As a child, I was always read to, which turned into reading along, and eventually I would read by myself and even to my family. Growing up with this oral story telling inspired me to participate in UIL, University Interscholastic League which was created to provide leadership and guidance to Texas public and primary school’s academic and athletic competitions (About The UIL). I participated in UIL storytelling and oral reading from second grade to eighth grade where I got first place every year. To this day I love oral stories, being read to, or reading to someone else because I have grown up with it and it has been an enormous and influential part of my life. I believe that this is why we, as a society, love oral story telling so much. Even as a high schooler, when we would read books in class...

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...o get through, like Great Expectations or Othello, I still loved the story, the characters, and the themes. I probably wouldn’t have liked them so much if I read them on my own, because I would have had a harder time understanding it, but when you have a whole class of people that read it with you, and give their opinions and ideas, it makes me like the book even more! When I read by myself, then I only have my own thoughts and opinions about the book, if I have a group of people to share commentary with, then they can give me new ideas and perspectives that I have never thought about. This can go on, bouncing back and forth ideas and building on them, and it helps everyone better understand the author, and what they were trying to tell their audience. This is most helpful with classic literature, which can sometimes be hard to understand, or easily misinterpreted.

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