Essay about Use of Ghost Stories in Literary Works

Essay about Use of Ghost Stories in Literary Works

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A ghost story is a story that usually involves events based on supernatural happenings. The content of these stories mainly include evil spirits, that are normally associated with the deceased. The causation of the uses of supernatural ideas, such as ghosts, is the sense of unease of the mind and the instant impulse of fear. The reason to why a ghost story is thought to be interesting and frightful is the fact that, the existence of supernatural beings cannot be explained scientifically. It is thought to be natural to fear anything that is unknown. It tends to agitate you not knowing whether it can harm us, or not knowing how to defend ourselves when it comes to harm us.
Ghost stories can be traced as far back as the Babylonian times. They were very famous in Britain for over hundreds of years as there are many common ghostly legends of the ancestors of the royal family. Telling ghost stories are not seen very traditional and popular as it had once been.
Many famous writers had used ghosts in their plays or books. One very well-known play writer, William Shakespeare had used ghosts in his plays because its purpose was to make his plays dramatic. Though it was common to use ghosts in plays, during the Elizabethan period. As you can see, the main point of why writers used ghosts in their plays because it was known to be a good dramatic device.
Horror stories are a little different to ghost stories. In horror stories the key elements are surprise and torture. They have less involvement in supernatural beings and activities, sometimes they can but normally you find serial killers or a psychopath. However in ghost stories you find supernatural elements, they usually have the key features of a horror story but they always do not. F...

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...into the court. As the suspects face was clearly viewed, he was remembered to be the first of the two men that had been seen through the narrators window. The suspect also clearly remembered the narrator too as he directly shouted “at all hazards challenge that man!” at the narrator.

Charles dickens used many features here that you would find in any other typical ghost story. When he described the weather as “black vapour banging like a murky curtain”, he tried to emphasise the ghastly atmosphere. This is the type of weather that you would expect in a ghost story, for example foggy, rainy or windy. The most common features that this story and typical ghost stories share, are the mention of blood, also the reason to why the ghost exists and that is because it was a victim to murder. Charles dickens has used these gothic elements to create an impact on the reader.

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