Essay on The Us Census Bureau Provides Us With Astonishing Findings

Essay on The Us Census Bureau Provides Us With Astonishing Findings

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The US Census Bureau provides us with astonishing findings. In 2014 about 20.25 million children in the United States lived with one parent, approximately 17.4 million of them were mother only households. Do these single-parent homes not validate the group of individuals as a family? The bigger threat to the future of family, is the lack of responsible parents. Yes the dream might be to first marry, bear children, watch them grow and be one big happy family, but that is not what reality presents to us. There are too many people that involuntary bring children into this world and bail out on a bigger responsibility to take care of another person compared to the usual self. This is what will ruin the future of family, not a couple of married homosexual parents.
There are many other elements that potentially threatens the future of family, like divorce for example. American Psychological Association states that 40-50 percent of marriages in the United States end up in a divorce. Not only does this effect family, but it also takes away the purity of marriage. Should a married couple stay together forever? Yes of course, but there are situations that justify divorce, which is the reason why it is not permanent. I myself come from a divorced family, luckily I came out great, considering that I am a homosexual and “pose a threat” to the future of family. It is undoubtedly true that homosexual marriages will contribute to this number, and probably already is, but a lot of us do not even have the opportunity to divorce since we are not granted to marry in the first place.
Not to disrespect the Pope, or religion entities, but the likelihood of their opinions derive from their faith and practiced beliefs. I can only account for myself whe...

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...iscrimination of a group of individuals. The pursuit of happiness might end up being domestic partnership or civil union to some, and to others it might be to unite with their loved one through holy matrimony. If that is desired, than that should be available for a couple to do practice that right. Fear of change is what is holding us back from equality across the board. Until we have reached equality for all mankind, we are not living up to the constitution and continue to breach the laws that are set to protect us as citizens of this wonderful country we call home. It is now time to take a stand against the irrational learned discriminations that the people exhibit through their power to vote. Allowing this will only prove to show that the United States of America truly believes in equality of mankind and their freedom to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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