U.S. and Host Countries Outsourcing Problem Essay

U.S. and Host Countries Outsourcing Problem Essay

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Many people have mixed thoughts and feelings about the principle of
outsourcing being good in the U.S. and host countries. This brings up the
idea, should the U.S. continue with minimal regulation if there are no issues?
Should one think to keep minimal regulations or actually reform to stricter
regulations? How does outsourcing effect the U.S.? If taken in perspective,
outsourcing effects should be analyzed. Cheaper products for U.S. citizens,
profits and revenues, and economic gains might be ideal for some however,
many look over the negative effects concerning the same ideals. In fact,
influential articles by Tom Hayden and Charles Kernaghan, "Pennies an Hour
and No Way Up", Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn's, "Two Cheers for
Sweatshops", complicate matters further when they write that outsourcing affects
the U.S. in a negative perspective. As they argue negative issues about cheap
labor, loss of jobs in the U.S., working conditions, economic markets,
enviromental issues, and huge profit corporations, more regulations need to be
enforced. Economic disaster will result if outsourcing continues on the same path
with minimal regulations. Old practices need to be addressed and the
government needs to step up for more strict regulations.
While cheap products and labor for the U.S. companies may be a
positive, one must take in perspective the negatives of unsafe working conditions
because of inhumane overseas labor. According to Kristof and WuDunn, "Some
managers are brutal in the way they house workers in firetraps, expose children
to dangerous chemicals, deny bathroom breaks, demand sexual favors,
force people to work double shifts or dismiss anyone who tries to organize a

... middle of paper ...

...d bring the pollution down and protect the
With all the arguments and facts, the essay should give you a boarder
outlook on outsourcing and the minimal regulations. Although cheaper products
for U.S. citizens, profits and revenues, and economic gains might be ideal for
some, outsourcing still has a lot of negative issues that outweigh the good.
Disaster is inevitable if the U.S. continues on its current outsourcing path. The
issues and arguments by Tom Hayden, Charles Kernaghan, Nicholas Kristof,
and Sheryl WuDunn of cheap labor, lost of jobs in the U.S., unsafe working
conditions, economic markets, enviromental pollution issues, and huge profit
corporations need to be addressed. The government needs to enforce more
strict regulations in order to avoid disaster. The only way this can happen is
if you the reader take a stand on it!

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