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For decades tourists and local beach goers have been flocking to Southern California in search of an inviting environment to relax and enjoy all the amenities a coastal climate has to offer. Yet despite the beauty and breathtaking atmosphere, many unforeseen factors may alter your perspective in regards to how frequently you visit these beach locations. In its current state many beach destinations surrounding the Orange County, California area are susceptible to urban runoff bringing copious amounts of pollution to the waterfront. As it stands urban runoff is attributing to the decline of water quality in numerous locations like Doheny Beach and Poche Beach, which for several years now have remained present on Heal the Bay’s Top 10 Beach Bummers list. With two of Orange Counties own beaches being present on the Top 10 list, it is now apparent that there is a breakdown in the system in regards to policies responsible for controlling runoff headed to the ocean.
Urban runoff is the pollution washed into the oceans from, “irrigation runoff, households, and storm events, as well as contributions of raw sewage from degrading infrastructure and accidental spills,” (Dwight Fernandez). Urban runoff is a major issue facing California’s beach water quality. The two main sources of coastal water pollution in California are treated sewage and urban runoff, and in Southern California urban runoff is the primary cause of contamination in coastal waters (Brinks). Analysis has shown that urban runoff waters contain, “infectious and toxic pollutants,” posing a serious risk to beachgoers across California (Dwight, Fernandez). Southern California’s dense urban infrastructure, in particular, is conducive to generating urban runoff that is washed int...

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