Essay on Urban Planning For Los Angeles

Essay on Urban Planning For Los Angeles

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Urban Planning in Los Angeles
In this paper, we will discuss Planning management system in Los Angeles
Planning control institutional subsystem
Las Angeles is one of those cities of California, which have an active governing system. Mayor is the administrator of this town, so Los Angeles city has strong mayor-council structure. Mayor is responsible for the appointment of Director of planning in the city, who leads the department of city planning in Los Angeles. City planning department of Los Angeles founded in 1941. It has over ten functional units (Gordon, 1996)
Mobility Plan 2035
Department of city planning in Los Angeles has introduced a new scheme for the development of the city; this program 's name is "The Mobility Plan 2035 (Gordon, 1996).
Mobility Plan 2035 has six goals; every goal represents the priorities and policies of city government. These six objectives of mobility plan 2035 are as follows
• Safety first
• Implementation of world class infrastructure in Los Angeles
• Another goal is to ensure the access for all population of Los Angeles
• Collaboration and communication channel in the city
• Clean environment of city
• Smart decision making about all investments which are part of this project (Los angeles Department of city planning , 2014)
Safety first
Safety first is the primary goal of this mobility plan of 2035. City planning department will design all streets in such a way that safety of all users of the road can be ensured. Safety will be assured for all regardless of the age of users and transportation mode chosen by the user of the streets. Safety of the roads and streets is ensured through mobility plan 2035 can be guaranteed because, in order to achieve this objective, planning agency will follow new...

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... to renewable fuel by 100 % till the year 2020. There will be reduction in the emission of diesel particulate matter by 77% while the NOx will be reduced by 59%, and 93% will reduce Sox till the year 2023 as compared to the emission rates in the year 2005 (Los angeles Department of city planning , 2014)
Smart investment decision
Smart investment decision will be made so that output can be maximized with incurring minimum cost on it. ROI will be increased in next five years. Increase share of investment is also part if the plan (Los angeles Department of city planning , 2014)

Gordon, P. a. (1996). "Beyond polycentric: the dispersed metropolis, Los Angeles, 1970-1990.". Journal of the American Planning Association 62, no. 3 (1996): 289-295.
Los Angeles Department of City Planning. (2014). Mobility plan 2035. Los Angeles Department of City Planning.

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