The University 's International Initiatives Essay

The University 's International Initiatives Essay

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Shippensburg University’s International Initiatives
As globalization increases, Shippensburg University works to stay competitive in its attempt to attract international students. In the fall semester of 2014, Ship reported 77 international students studied at Ship, this is the highest enrollment over a ten-year period. During this period the numbers have very volatile and range from 15 students in 2005 to 77 in 2014, we have seen a small increase from 2005 and 2014. However, this number is relative low compared to the total attendance of 7,257 students in 2014 and to other institutions. Today, Ship hosts students from all around the world, the five most represented countries are Saudi Arabia, India, Republic of Korea, Poland, Nigeria and France.

Shippensburg understands the importance of having a diverse student population; the international student represents a wealth of cultural experience. Therefore, Ship is working hard to create an environment that allows everyone the opportunity to better understand diversity. Ship has realized that it is very important to expose students from small towns to different cultures, lifestyles and ways of seen the world because the U.S. keeps globalizing and plays a huge role in the world. Ship also hopes that by attracting more international students, more Ship students would be willing to study abroad themselves. According to some studies, students with international roommates or students who regularly interact with international students are more likely to show interest in studying abroad, this is a win-win strategy. Ship has been working with different universities around the world and hopes to increase the number of international students in the coming semesters.
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...Awareness Society International (GASI), which is recognized as a regional agent of change for advancing cross-cultural understanding. GASI was founded to create a network of scholars, professionals and others dedicated to the mutual understanding and global peace.
Bloomsburg has facilitated the payment process for international students by partnering with “peerTransfer”. This partnership aims to save international students money they would otherwise be lost on bank fees and foreign exchange rates. Bloomsburg is also approved for the international student loan as long as they have a co-signer.
Lastly, Bloomsburg allows their international students to work only on campus with approval of the Office of International Education Services. This opportunity allows international students to earn some extra cash, as well as the experience to work in an American environment.

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