The University Of Washington College Of Education Essay

The University Of Washington College Of Education Essay

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In 2006, there were two internet cafés, or cybér cafés as they were locally known in Nouadhibou, Mauritania, a West African port largely unknown to Americans. For 200 ougyia an hour (roughly one dollar US), Mauritanians whose only previous window into a world outside of the Saharan landscape they lived in was through stolen satellite signals and aging television sets. It was in this landscape that I found myself running a technology center for girls. At the time, I was working in the Peace Corps, fresh out of the University of Washington College of Education. The ideas about literacy and multiculturalism that I had first encountered at the UW were made visible in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. My classes centered around student production; however, it soon became clear to me that a culture that values talking above doing is going to struggle with creative expression through devalued mediums. This realization has greatly influenced my explorative path into education and the technologies we use.

My research while at the University of Washington was in new literacies – specifically, how multimodal communication influences our thinking about technology and literacy in the 21st century. Given this fact, it made little sense to friends and family that I wanted to move to Africa, and they were further perplexed by my acceptance to move to a technology-bereft country situated in the visually spare Sahara desert. But I could think of no better way to confront my assumptions about learning in the digital age other than to experience the absence of such technologies. I saw my work in Mauritania as an opportunity to examine the hidden curriculum of multi-modality and Internet access. In what ways do these new forms of communication sh...

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...f Inquiry. Our evaluation rubric for a successful course is based upon the Ignation Pedagogical Paradigm and supports the values of a Seattle University education.

In addition, I continue to design completely online courses for teachers looking to improve their teaching around genocide issues through USC 's Shoah Foundation. As the lead designer of IWitness, I continue to contribute to the evolution of the platform as a social and historical learning tool. Presently I am designing a tool that enables students to interactively investigate testimonies through time and geography.

It is my hope to leverage any of these opportunities or connections; however, I am completely open to new opportunities that could make use of my learning design or research skills that I know would be appreciated within the interdisciplinary environment of the UW 's College of Education.

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