Universal Health Care Act, Providing Millions Of Americans Essay

Universal Health Care Act, Providing Millions Of Americans Essay

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Universal Health care has been the topic of discussion among politicians and Americans today and has shown zero signs of slowing down in the future. The United States is considered one of the very few countries that spends and extensive amount of money healthcare yet people are still struggling to receive care and dying at an disturbing rate every day due to the fact that they cannot afford insurance coverage for themselves and their families. In March of 2010 President Barack Obama implemented the Affordable Care Act, providing millions of Americans who previously did not have health insurance the ability to acquire and purchase premiums, however there are still some serous issues surrounding its implementation.” The president provides several different answers towards the American people growing concerns on the new health reform law and its effects. Some of the issues discussed are pre-existing conditions, premiums cost, and cost control measures being implemented and put into place” (Obama, 2010). In this paper we will be taking a closer look at the new law, some of the challenges such as affordability, accessibility, and ethical implications surrounding the law. Although the proposed healthcare reform would revolutionize the United States health care system it would ultimately fail to provide the care needed to support all Americans.
Health care in America has continued to be the topic of discussions among many Americans today. So many people today lack the coverage they need to enhance their health even though this is viewed ad one of the most civilized and powerful countries in the world. In March of 2010 President Barack Obama reform Health care in America and implement a new law called the Affordable Care Act. “Millio...

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...ften left with no choice but to seek out an insurance premium plan that has a extremely high deductible just so they can afford the monthly premium payment. This can prove to be deadly as consumers some times sip the care that’s needed as if they were still uninsured.
The growing concern for cost among consumers have left them opting to terminate their plan under the Affordable Care Act and seek out treatment at local health clinics thing their communities. This to them would seem more cost effective as they would only be require to pay a $2K fine /penalty to the IRS for not adhering to the law. These looming issues have lead to a steady decline in the quality of care individuals are receiving.
With the new reform quality of care played a major role for consumers and they type along with the delivery and type of care being received. Health care reform by way of the

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