The United Nation Of Islam Essay

The United Nation Of Islam Essay

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I grew up in a different world from most people. One would call it a different society if one wanted to. The name of this society is the United Nation of Islam; we called it the UNOI for short. Many people might wonder if I was part of a utopia. The answer depends on how one views the world. I viewed it from a whole different perspective. It was very different from how I am living my life today. Whenever I begin to tell people about my experiences with UNOI, they automatically think I’m a Muslim. This group originated from a Muslim Group, but I wasn’t considered a Muslim. Being a part of the Nation shaped me into the person I am today.
I have five brothers and sisters. They all had home births; it was the way of the Nation. Conversely, I was born in a hospital. My mom did not hear about the Nation until I was 3 months old. When she heard about the Nation, she decided to join. My mom told me it was a huge adjustment because she had to know the customs and make sure she followed all the laws. She told me the hardest thing to give up was pork. I found it funny; it was a piece of meat. Subsequently, it was not until I had to give up the Nation that I realized what she meant.
Life in the United Nation of Islam meant that I was not allowed to go to public or private schools so I was home schooled. I taught myself math and how to read and write because there was no one to teach me. Realizing that I spoke differently from other people was news for me. For example, when we greeted each other, instead of saying, “hi”, we said “Asalam-Alakum” and for “bye” we said “Walakum-Salam.”
All of us in the Nation were expected to know the laws of the Nation. There were so many, and if we broke any of the laws we were a disciplined. There were differ...

... middle of paper ... My ranking is currently 11 out of 318 students. Looking at where I’m at now, I’m happy that I just kept working hard. When I go to college I plan on majoring in Mass communication. I always loved to edit videos, and I would love it even more if it were my dream job. So I’m just going to work at it until I reach that goal.
I’m proud that I know how to work and operate in this world, but I still miss the Nation. Being away from the Nations for all these years, I feel like something is always going to be missing from my life. I wonder how my life would of ended up if I wasn’t in the Nation. In my opinion the Nation shaped me into the person I am today. If I grew up in the real world, I wonder what would have happened, what would I be like? I hate that I’ll never know the answers to these questions, but in a way I would not trade being in the Nation for anything.

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