Understanding The Baptism Of The Infant Of Baptist Essay

Understanding The Baptism Of The Infant Of Baptist Essay

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During the long times, the baptism of an infant is a huge argument in the world. Many Christian people would have thought that should Infants be baptized at least once. According to Samuel, “A large section of Protestant Christendom, especially in the United States, dissents from the practice of infant baptism”. The argument still gives a lot of insight to understand Baptist’s infant baptism with much and deep knowledge. But many people who are Christians still have curious about the issue of infant baptism because denominations have a difference of definition of infant baptism. And also, many the believers are confusing the issue. Nevertheless, it is very important to realize the baptism of the infant of Baptist because there are history, soul, and effort of Baptist. As concerned as this paper regards, there seems some kind of strong principle of Baptist. It is very the biblical principle that based on the Word of God as the fully inspired Word, or Biblical inerrancy, is disregarded, there might be no revivals by the Holy Spirit. The task of this paper is to show the baptism of infant of Biblically
Should Infants Be Baptized?
Should infants be baptized? The topic is very an important thing. There are two divided opinions in our religious situation. Generally, Paedobaptists who believe infant baptism. They say it is possible. According to Donald Baillie, “Baptism comes to the child in response to the parents’ faith, comments”. The paedobaptists believe pedobaptism that was given by confession their parents’ faith. And Jewett states the issue came from Biblical and unbiblical individualism. He emphasizes the issue came from Biblical and unbiblical individualism.

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...ed by unpaid Grace. I think nowadays, God has blessed Baptists, because they have loved the Word of God and have not compromised the Bible in any attack. It means the glory came from the strong faith that they kept. Nowadays, the world is sinful and wicked. However, there is still a chance to a variety of faith in Christ. Even though the world is changing fast and lost a lot of things, if people understand the Baptism of Baptist, they can make a successful life in the Crist who died instead of us. Through the study, I realized that proclamation of the gospel has the power to heal my broken heart through frustrated my vision about baptism. When I proclaim His glory with does Baptism, I should feel that God still works for me. In fact, I have no power to handle my problems or adversities, but the power of the proclamation of the Gospel is always strong and sure for me.

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