Understanding Grief And Loss On Children Essay

Understanding Grief And Loss On Children Essay

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It is important to realize when a child is taken from his or her biological parents and placed in foster care, the child is faced with a wave of different emotions. According to C. Craft in her article, Understanding Grief and Loss in Children, Kubler Ross’ well known stages of grief described as denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance”. Children that are placed into foster care experience many of the five stages of grief. For a child, loss can include more than just being taken form their family. To a child losses are anything that is of importance to the child such as their pets, home, school, friends and their belongings. As adults, we may not realize and overlook the small things in a child’s life as a loss. Although there is no one way to help a child grieve, it is important for foster parents to have different tools to help a child through the grieving process. (Craft, 2016).
Despite the fact that grief is usually associated with death, research shows that children that are placed in a home through adoption or through foster care have enormous amounts of grief and...

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