Understanding And Personal Perceptions Of Therapeutic Relationships With Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander People

Understanding And Personal Perceptions Of Therapeutic Relationships With Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander People

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Establishing a therapeutic relationship with Mr. Drover

Throughout this paper I will begin to unravel my understanding and personal perceptions of therapeutic relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. How these relationships can and will influence my practice as a student nurse. I will begin by discussing barriers faced by the Indigenous communities of Australia and how these issues are affecting the quality of the health care system. Following this I will consider the holistic and cultural health needs of Mr Drover, a 76 year old elder from a remote Aboriginal community. I will explore Mr Drovers era and how his experiences may have either a negative or positive outlook of how he views his health care. From the N-PTR model (Nurse -Person Therapeutic Relationship) Social Determinants of Health and Indigenous Persons Communication will be identified and discussed. Finally I will explore different strategies to overcome the above N-PTR issues while enabling a therapeutic relationship with Mr Drover.

There are many barriers that prevent my knowledge base of appropriate health care towards Aboriginal and Tosses Strait islander health. So as a non indigenous Australian, I undeniably lack the understanding of issues facing the Indigenous community from a culturally aware perspective. Language barriers, spiritual beliefs, distances needed to travel, isolation and fear are amongst a vast number of concerning issues of barriers (Eckerman et al., 2010).
Communication is key in any health field to ensure its safety and effectiveness to the patients. Ineffective inter cultural communication is proving to be harming the efforts of addressing culturally appropriate care (Taylor, 2011). Not all indigenous Australians s...

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...c relationships are necessities in health care and by providing an understanding of the cultures that are being nursed, it is easier to build great rapport with patients. As Mr Drover lives quite a while away from the hospital, providing good education on his Chronic Pulmonary Disease will need to be taught, so he is able to better himself if the need arises. Visiting is not just a car ride away, for a lot of indigenous communities so the planning that needs to take place is immense. Some hospitals can arrange transportation to and from their facilities. Culturally sensitive, and safe Communication is the backbone to gaining quality nurse person therapeutic relationships and equitable healthcare for all races. As I nurse more Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders I am becoming more culturally aware of the needs that are required.

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