The Underlying Truth Behind Prison Bars Essay

The Underlying Truth Behind Prison Bars Essay

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The Underlying Truth Behind Prison Bars
Given the ongoing challenges generated by California’s prison system the oversight of the federal court has been inevitable. As time goes by, the importance to accommodate the correctional system to fit a least the bare minimal needs of the prisoners, grows. The current state of the operating system does not only concern lawmakers it also concerns the prisoners themselves, their families, as well as society. As a goal-oriented state, California must prioritize the conversion of a dysfunctional prison system into a successful correctional facility that best complies with California’s demands; demands, such as adequate space in prisons to avoid overcrowding and decent living conditions to avoid the spread of diseases within the facilities. Even after all the efforts on behalf of both the federal and the state government to place regulations on California’s prison system, the prison system remains dysfunctional---from unsanitary living conditions to a high recidivism rate---the consequences of an inefficient system are myriad.
Many factors come into play when it comes to describing the depth of the threat that the prison system represents. As John Aborn and others point out in the article, “The California Prison and Rehabilitation System”, “[t]here are several factors that have contributed to the overcrowding problem including, political decisions and lack of effective education and rehabilitation programs” (Aborn, et al). Overcrowding is just one of the many problematic aspects of the correctional system. Problems like such have been the result of inadequate implemented policies as well as the ineffective attempts to educate and rehabilitate criminal minds. The magnitude of the worries brou...

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... the most dysfunctional systems due to their dependence on other states.
As of today politicians have continued to put into practice inadequate policies that contribute to the massive problems of prisons. Without the implementing of proper policies that determine the length of time each inmate must serve according to how severe the crime they were convicted of was prisons will further be the cause of the problematic state they currently find themselves in. In the article “The California Prison and Rehabilitation System” Jon Aborn and others reveal that, “[t]he new policy seems to be to lock up prisoners, particularly drug offenders, for long amounts of time, thereby allowing politicians to look ‘tough on crime’” (Aborn , et all). This indicates that the priorities of politicians do not align with the public’s interest as far as having a functional prison system.

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