Essay about Ulysses, The King Of Ithaca

Essay about Ulysses, The King Of Ithaca

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“Ulysses”, a poem written by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, serves as a short autobiography of Ulysses, the King of Ithaca. Narrated by Ulysses, or Odysseus as he is referred to in Homer’s, The Odyssey, he reflects on his past times as a young King that he spent traveling and adventuring. In addition, he also reveals his vulnerable side to his audience, displaying signs of despair brought about by his old age, and a yearning to be an adventurer again. By analyzing “Ulysses”, one would say that the current state of the King of Ithaca differs greatly from the one provided by The Odyssey. In addition, Ulysses is aware of the current state of his life and is disappointed with it. For the benefit of himself, and others, Ulysses conveys a powerful message to the mariners: life is ultimately ended by death, and while it may seem that time and death are the enemies of life, they actually serve as motivation and should inspire everyone to make the most of their lives while they still can.
King Ulysses was the leader of the Grecian army that traveled to Troy and fought in the ten year long Trojan War. “Ulysses” is, essentially, an inspirational speech given to the Greek mariners by their king, after their return to Ithaca. The first section of the poem serves as an introduction to Ulysses’ message, in which he says: “It little profits that an idle king/ By this still hearth, among these barren crags,/ Matched with an aged wife, I mete and dole” (lines 1-3). These lines point out Ulysses’ dissatisfaction with his current state of life. Being idle, according to Ulysses, comes with no benefits, and the hearth and crag that he describes as “still” and “barren” is a metaphor for Ithaca. Ulysses is asking the mariners to take heed of his situation and re...

... middle of paper ... matter the circumstances, striving to be successful.
At the start of “Ulysses”, he was disappointed with how his kingship was going after returning to Ithaca from Troy, but somehow finds a way to turn the tone of his speech around in order to inspire himself, and others, to be adventurous and not waste time on Earth. When applying Ulysses’ final line to the message as a whole, he inspired himself to step down from his kingship, give it to Telemachus who is better fit to be king, and to return to sea where he can make the most of his time being happy while out at sea. After Ulysses took the time to sit down and realize that was not fit to be an idle king, it became clear to him that being at sea is where he belonged, and although time is not on his side, he is inspired and committed enough by the little time he has left to return to sea and live it to the fullest.

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