Ulysses S. Grant's Civil War Experience

Ulysses S. Grant's Civil War Experience

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Ulysses S. Grant's Civil War Experience Hello, and good day to you all. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ulysses S. Grant and I am from the great state of Ohio. As many know, I have served in the brutal Mexican American war where my bravery in battle pushed the American army one step closer to victory. Until now I thought that the Mexican American war was the most evil and wicked confrontation I have ever witnessed.
Also, as many know, I have recently been appointed as the commander of the Union army.

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I certainly do have the highest hopes of concluding this war and once and for all bringing an end to slavery. Once again, I have hope that my bravery will lead our army victory.
It is November of 1861 and I have just began my first battle against the Confederate army in Belmont, Missouri. Earlier in June of this same year, a man by the name of Richard Yates placed me in command of the twenty first regiment of Illinois. This group of fighters was very surprising. These fighters were rebellious, and overall unruly toward any commander. Through the last four months, I have trained these soldiers. I have trained them to fight against specific opposing military strategies. Most of all, I have disciplined these fighters. The battle at Belmont, Missouri is indeed my first major Civil War battle against the Confederates. The day began as a quiet morning and the soon to be battlefield was bare. The wind was rushing through the brush of this wide Missouri field with very little trees. My main strategy in this battle is to divide my forces, which is usually a bad thing to do. I will send one half of my forces around the field to flank the opposing Confederate fighters. As I can see we clearly outnumber the Confederates by many. The Confederates in this battle, have chosen to fight in the traditional fighting line-up. This gave my soldiers a great opportunity to take advantage of the dividing tactic. With that I will also be able to furthermore, shut down these forces with my cannon tactics. I sense that this will be a great victory for the Union.
Three months later I fought in two battles against the Confederates. It did seem that as each of these battles approached, the opposing Confederate army continued to grow stronger and stronger as we met. These past three battles have been odd for me, simply because I fought against Confederate General Simon Buckner, who is a former friend of mine. The first of these two battles was fought at Fort Donelson, which was located right in the middle of the Cumberland River. The second of these two battles was fought at Fort Henry, which was located on the Mississippi River. In both of these battles, my forces ran into enemy barricades, guerrilla styled fighting and the use of fortified enemy bunkers. These Confederate forces had more than fourteen thousand

soldiers fighting against us. In these battles it was very difficult to break through their defenses due to some of the losses from my forces. The secured enemy soldiers inside the strengthened bunkers managed to keep my men at bay for a short time. However, I was under the appreciated aid from a fellow Union general. Andrew Foote aided my forces with his own gunboats, which instantly shattered the enemy bunkers and defense barricades. With the successful aid from Foote, my Union forces were able to capture and secure Fort Donelson and Fort Henry. Thus, we controlled most of both the Tennessee and the Cumberland Rivers forcing General Buckner and the remaining of his soldiers to surrender. After winning these battles I was given a promotion from a commander to a Major General.
It is now April of 1862. My forces have just been attacked and have now engaged in the battle at Shiloh. My forces and I were securing our location when suddenly the Confederate soldiers issued a brutal surprise attack upon us. Before this totally abrupt and unexpected assault on my forces, I was awaiting the arrival of fellow Union General Don Buell and his own forces to arrive and join my Tennessee forces. Together, we were originally planning to launch a major military assault against the Confederates. However, the Confederate forces surprised us with a major assault of their own. So far my army has suffered heavy losses before the arrival of my ally. It is very obvious that my station was not fully secured or fortified and that my army nor myself were prepared for this kind of assault.
The battle at Shiloh has lowered my reputation toward the other generals in the North. I have been accused of being drunk and neglectful toward my forces at Shiloh. After Shiloh, Henry Halleck was placed in command of the Union assault. As a result of this I was, for a short while, considering quitting my position in the northern army.
Last summer, President Lincoln appointed me as the commander of all Union forces throughout western Tennessee. Also, Lincoln gave me command of all Union forces within northern Mississippi. It is now April of 1863 and we are another year into this horrible mess. My forces are now at Vicksburg. For months since the autumn season of 1862 my forces have struggled and failed numerous times to take this position. At Vicksburg stood a heavily occupied and defended Confederate stronghold. This stronghold was located along the Mississippi River. After months of failed attempts, I finally have a carefully thought out plan to take over the Vicksburg stronghold. Leading this fleet of Confederate fighters is Confederate General John Pemberton, who is now leading more than thirty thousand Confederate troops. What I am going to do is lead my army along the Mississippi River and around to a less defended point of the city. Therefore, I will march completely around Vicksburg take over the capital, Jackson, Mississippi. I also have a Union river fleet aiding me with my attack. Taking over Jackson, allowed my forces to isolate the city from its supplies and incoming reinforcements. Also, I will place blockades around the stronghold so the Confederates will not be allowed to retreat. This strategy, to my estimate, will last up to six weeks. This plan will therefore, lead to General Pemberton’s retreat. This attack will indeed be successful and it will give the Union army complete control of the Mississippi River.
It is now April of 1865, and I have had countless battles with General Robert E. Lee. In these last months fighting against Lee, the death toll for my forces has now reached nearly sixty thousand. It was unfortunate to me because I have now received the nickname, “The Butcher.” The time is toward the end of this war and my forces have severely isolated General Lee’s forces at Petersburg. My plan is to starve Lee’s fighters, taking away their will to continue fighting. What I have done is closed off all of Lee’s escape routes and cut off all of his supply lines. Therefore, I have completely besieged Lee’s forces. While having his forces isolated, I will send my sub-generals south to destroy anything that the Confederates could use as a source of aid.
General Robert E. Lee was the last major general of the Confederate army. His defeat lead to the end of the United States Civil War. Many asked me of how I was able to fund my military ventures. The northern citizens were forced to pay annual income tax to fund the generals for this war. As the years passed, the income tax raised. It is only now towards the end of the war that the income tax has finally started to decrease. In my opinion, the income tax law is highly unfair not only to myself, but to the American citizens. The United States Constitution did not allow the government to tax anyone without their own consent. I do believe this war is partly about ending slavery. The way I see it, money is being taken from the citizens without their own consent. Wouldn’t this issue make actual Americans slaves as well?
I am General Ulysses S. Grant, and that was my Civil War experience.
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