Essay on The Ultimate Polo

Essay on The Ultimate Polo

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Less dressy than a button-up, but more formal than a graphic tee, polo shirts are possibly the most versatile clothing option for women. Because of the high demand, many different retailers produce polo shirts. A retailer’s aspiration is to create a polo with appealing characteristics to make their polo shirt look better than their competition’s. Creating an appealing, simple color scheme, as well as a colorful tag containing all the great features their polo has makes a good impression on their target audience. A flashy price is also used to snag the customer’s attention. Riders® by Lee® appeals to potential customers by producing a comfortable, inexpensive polo shirt with the slimming qualities which makes women think that this shirt is “The Ultimate Polo.”
The first feature which makes this polo stand out is its simple color scheme. The polo shirt I have is black with white buttons. According to Alex, “Black, being the color of sophistication and power, makes me feel like I'm at the top of the world…” (Cherry, 2013). This is also the emotion that Riders® by Lee® is trying to relay to the potential customers by making black an option to purchase. This creates a feeling for the potential consumer that if they buy the polo, they will end up on cloud nine and everything will start going go great. Also, many women prefer to wear simple, inexpensive clothing at home because spaghetti sauce or dirt may stain their shirt. Along with color, plain pattern leaves the customer many different options to wear with the shirt. This creates a logical appeal because the customer doesn’t need to spend as much money on buying many different clothes to match with their other clothes. There are three more color options Riders® by Lee® a...

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...into the store. The biggest factor which helps to leave a good impression and continues to persuade the potential customer that this polo is the best is the intricately detailed tags with pictures of models dressed in the polo shirts as well as a list of the polo’s wonderful features. The low price helps to snatch the potential consumer that this product is a good use of their money. Many different tactics are used to entice the customer and convince them that this is “The Ultimate Polo”.

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