Ralph Lauren

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Ralph Lauren is American's leading designer in the classic tradition, who has stayed true to his own point of view, despite the seasonal vagaries of fashion. Mr. Lauren has always believed that fashion is function of lifestyle. He believes that clothed should be natural, comfortable and elegant, for the way people live today. His clothes have timeless grace and become more personal and special age.

For Mr. Lauren, the starting point is always his concern for quality and attention to detail, while the creative drama comes from his own romantic sense of elegance and reverence for authencity. Always true to his own purely American vision of fashion, his products are nearly as diverse as the country that inspires them. He designs a wide range of products, including menswear, womenswear, boyswear, girlswear, home furnishing, eyewear, scarves, shoes, hosiery, fragrances, handbag, luggage and leather goods. And the stores that carry his products are located across the United States and around the world.


In 1967, the New York born bred Ralph Lauren started the Polo division of Beau Brummel neckties. Ties at that time were in an Ivy League phase-dark, narrow and undistinguished. But, for several years, Mr. Lauren had harbored the nation that the time was right for a new look. And so, he pioneered the wide tie-a four-inch tie made from opulent materials and fabrications that were unheard of in the business. Polo ties soon became the status tie. And Ralph Lauren became the menswear design to watch, as his ties revolutionized the industry.

Mr.Lauren had more dreams to fulfill. He chose the name Polo for his line of ties because the sport repsented to him a lifestyle of athletic grace and discreet elegance, an image of men who wore well-tailored, classic clothes and wore them with style. With that image in mind, Mr Lauren established Polo as a separate menswear company in 1968, producing a complete line of men's clothes. Using only the finest fabrications, Mr. Lares's menswear was distinctive, innovative, but always classic and refined. His suits blended the American Ivy League natural shoulder silhouette with the fitted shape and expensive fabrics of the best European custom tailored clothing. His shirts were all cotton, richly patterned and expertly made. This same care was, and still is, applied to every element of...

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... Mr. Lauren took a leading position in raising funds to build new exhibit space and a headquarter building for the museum.

In 1989, Mr. Lauren united the fashion industry to support Brest cancer research. Through a personal contribution and fundraising, Mr. Lauren successfully launched the Nina Hyde Center for Breast Cancer Research at the Lombardi Cancer Research Center at Georgetown University's medical complex in Washington, D.C. The Center is Named for Nina Hyde, the fashion editor of The Washington Post, in recognition to her contributions to cancer research. Mr. Lauren also takes time out to accept a few design project, including costuming all the male Actors in "The Great Gatsby "(1973 and Woody Allen and Dianne Keaton in "AnnieHall"(1971).

In 1978, Mr. Lauren designed a uniform program for Trans World Airlines(TWA) that is still in use today.


With Demanding work schedules, Ralph Lauren prefers to lead, personal life with his family - his wife Ricky and their three children. They enjoy jogging around the Central Park reservoir near their upper Fifth Avenue apartment in New York City and active weekends at their Colorado ranch.
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