Types Of Injuries A Collegiate Baseball Player May Experience Essay

Types Of Injuries A Collegiate Baseball Player May Experience Essay

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1. Did the introduction section appropriate set the stage for the research performed in the paper?

a. The introductory section of this research emphasizes common types of injuries a collegiate baseball player may experience. Since it mainly focuses on the function of overhead-throwing motion, the emphasis on concentric internal rotator strength was utilized to decrease the upper extremity plyometric program. Additionally, it is stated in the introduction that if the shoulders external rotator musculature is not strong enough, the athlete is more susceptible to shoulder injury.

2. What was the purpose of this investigation?

a. The purpose of this investigation was to research the effects of an “8-week course of high volume upper extremity plyometric training on the isokinetic strength and throwing velocity of a group of intercollegiate baseball players” (Carter 208). Additionally, the study was aimed to examine the effects of this training program on a functional eccentric external rotation-to-concentric internal rotation strength ratio and throwing velocity. A few of the hypothesized results consisted of the following: “(a) the plyometric training group would demonstrate greater increases in throwing velocity than the control group; (b) the plyometric training group would demonstrate greater increases in eccentric isokinetic peak torque for shoulder external rotation (ER) than the control group; (c) the plyometric training group would demonstrate greater increases in concentric isokinetic peak torque for shoulder internal rotation (IR) than the control group; (d) the plyometric training group would demonstrate lower functional strength ratios (closer to 1.0) than the control group; and (e) the plyometric training group would ...

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... the results is reasonable and can be credited from the outcome of the research. From the statistical procedure the results from this study suggests that there is no significant difference noted between the groups of isokinetic force production following a plyometric program. The investigators of this study also concluded that the Ballistic Six training protocol and a standardized strength and conditioning program express similar results. Therefore, one is not superior to the other.


Carter, Andrew B., Thomas W. Kaminski, Al T. Douex Jr, Christopher A. Knight, and James G. Richards. "Effects Of High Volume Upper Extremity Plyometric Training On Throwing Velocity And Functional Strength Ratios Of The Shoulder Rotators In Collegiate Baseball Players." Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 21.1 (2007): 208-15. Web. 3 Oct. 2016./.latest_citation_text

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