The Truth Project: The Search of Truth Essays

The Truth Project: The Search of Truth Essays

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Why do we believe what we believe? This question is rarely asked of anyone directly. We live in a culture where the “why” is superseded by the “what”. “What do you believe?” has always been a popular topic for discussion. However, when a believer is no longer faced with the ‘what’ and instead challenged by a ‘why,’ lines begin to blur and minds start to blank. What can we possibly offer in response and from where can we derive our answers? Isaiah 6 gives us the solution: we must gaze into the face of God. This journey of seeking His face exposes us, exposes our culture, and turns us into world changers. This quest is only for those brave enough to explore the wondrous depths and layers of the Most High. It is the search for truth-- the most life-changing discovery an individual will ever uncover.
Tour One: Veritology
Doctor Del Tackett challenges your way of thinking with a question: “Do you really believe that what you believe is really real?” What is truth? This question is of the utmost importance for our existing culture. “Truth” is the determining factor of a person’s actions and reactions. For example, faith requires action. When a child jumps off the high diving board for the first time, he has faith that his daddy will catch him. He acted on the belief that he could trust his parent- on what he believed to be true. As Christians, we must ask ourselves that question daily. “Are my actions reflecting my belief in the truth?”
Tour Two: Philosophy and Ethics
In 1981, Carl Sagan was chosen as humanist of the year. The work that won him the award is widely popular “Cosmos” series. Through his documentary, he quotes “The Cosmos is all that is or was or ever will be.” This thinking has overtaken the American identity. Without ...

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... become ‘god.’ It will be seen as provider, deliverer, safe-keeper, and judge. This possession of power strips the rights of citizens. We must reclaim the individuality the spheres once contained.
Tour Ten: The American Experiment
Nobody likes to discover that they have been lied to, and yet that is precisely what history has done. It has been rewritten and created new philosophies for us to believe. As Americans, we tend to have one of two views concerning our Founders. We either believe they were wholly pagans or entirely saints- no in between. I challenge that theory with one of my own: if our Founding Fathers were all pagans, why would the character and the decrees of God have been placed so heavily into our Constitution? In contrast, if they were saints, what good would their version of government do when they themselves had no realistic grasp on human nature?

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