Comparing Religion And Religious Ethics

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What is ethics one may ask, well according to the oxford online dictionary ethics is moral principles that govern a person 's behavior or the conducting of an activity. That is what a person may view as right or wrong and good or bad. Ethics is very important in one’s society and each society as its own moral and principles governing certain issues and religion and philosophical ethics is no different. For centuries religion and religious principles has been criticized by different denominations across the world. Today I am going to speak on some moral principles of religion ethics whether they are absolute or relative to philosophical ethics, I will also be comparing religion ethics and philosophical ethics and last but not least I will speak…show more content…
Philosophical ethics differs from legal, cultural, religious ethics and personal approaches to ethics by seeking to conduct the study of morality through rational these are things that are done in accordance with reasons or logics, so things are done based on the logics and morals of the person or the society that the person is a part of. Locke and Hobbes, had also argued that moral requirements are based on standards of rationality. It speaks about how one should act and what is the right course of action within in a given situation. Also in the past philosophy was identified with things that were not from this world (metaphysics). Metaphysics studies the nature of ultimate reality and self-mind so in essence it is what a person may deem right and moral based on the society they live in, religion is very important in a lot of society and the society is run based on the principles and morals of that religion. So in that light religion would be consistent with philosophy. In a lot of religion there are a lot of rules about what is seen as right and what is deemed wrong and that is what philosophical ethics is about although the bible, torah or any other religious book may not be ethical but people in the society that belongs to a denomination act according to what their only book deems right and wrong and whosever goes against it is seen as weird or disobedient and in some religion going against what is deemed right may lead to your
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